Ralph Bass

name Ralph Bass is a business man. He and his wife own Digital Transcription Inc, which types medical records for physicians. They also own Vintage Harvest Wine Racks and is a half owner with his son of Kessick LLC. These last two companies sell wine storage systems.

Ralph E. Bass, Jr. has an undergraduate degree, BA, in Bible from Bob Jones University, and several graduate degrees: a M.A. in Counseling from Webster University, a M.Div. in divinity studies from Erskine Theological Seminary, a Th.M. in theological studies from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and a Th.D. in theological studies from Reformation International Theological Seminary.

Dr. Bass was for a number of years a biblical counselor, a pastor, and as a teacher and school administrator in several Christian schools. He is married and has five children and seventeen grandchildren.


Books by the Author
What About Baptism? A Discussion on the Mode, Candidate and Purpose of Christian Baptism
Hope For Today's Problems - The "How To" Book of Christian Living
Back to the Future - A Study on the Book of Revelation
Tell Me About Presbyterians - Just What Do They Believe?
BAPTIDZO - A 500 Year Study in the Greek Word Baptism



23rd December 2009
In addressing the history of counseling we want to divide the subject into two sections, secular and Christian. Secular. The history of counseling had its origins, first in religion, later in philosophy, and later still in medicine. Religion and philo... Read >

BAPTIDZO - A One Word Definition

20th October 2009
BAPTIDZO A One Word Definition By Ralph E. Bass, Jr., Th.D. Of course we would all like a one-word definition of BAPTIDZO or Baptidzo. Yet, this one word interpretation has defied translators and translations, for thousands years, not only in Englis... Read >